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About us

        We are a small business Based in Anchorage, Alaska. All items are hand crafted by the owner. My name is Shawn. I have been a Crafter for as long as I can remember. I grew up doing crafts such as crochet, Knit, Cross stitch, Painting, Quilting, and more recently Nome Alaskan Sea glass jewelry making. I also enjoy working with Polymer Clay. For the last 5 months I started working with Cold Porcelain that I make myself. I have tried a few flowers but fell in love with the roses. I think out of all the crafts that I have or do now, I have finally found my passion with the rose vines. Please refer below for Care Instructions on Cold Porcelain items.

         Our beautiful Nome Alaskan Sea glass/Beach glass are hand picked off the beach in Nome, Alaska. I love working with this medium, it reminds me that we give the ocean something ugly and it gives it back naturally sanded by the rocks and sand. Nature is a beautiful thing. 

          I will always do my best to get your items out in a timely fashion with extra care, however, once it leaves my hands I can not be responsible for the Handling during the shipping process, so Insurance is always added into the shipping price. 



          Place your Porcelain flowers in a safe area, away from little hands and paws, In normal temperature. Keep away from water and where they may get stained such as Kitchen counters, sinks, and bathrooms. Dust can wear away the fine details. 


          Use a dry brush. You can also use a hair dryer on low cool setting to blow the dust off. Remember they are delicate and fragile. 

           Never soak Cold Porcelain. Liquid will damage them even though they are sealed. It is never a good idea. 



            The frame accent will come with 2 vertical wires on top of the vine. Place the vine where you want it on your frame, then wrap the vertical wires of the top and down the back of your frame one at a time. Do Not apply Pressure to the Roses or the Leaves as you can break them.